Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm a cheapskate..

I'm a cheapskate, I bought myself a 35mm F1.7 CCTV lens from Clubsnap at around RM200. Well, you dun get Auto Focus in this lens, no auto aperture control in this lens as well, so basically you have to look at the camera screen and turn the focus ring and aperture ring to make your photo sharp and in correct exposure. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Golden Palm Tree @ Sepang Gold Coast

Main Entrance of Golden Palm Tree Resort

I had a chance to stay in this luxury resort a week after my Singapore trip, the resort is new with brilliant architecture, filled with staffs more than tourist that always wear a smile on their face, very comfortable room but the bed was to soft for my liking. A few things I wanna complain would be the weather, too cloudy, and the water level, it was low tide and it is dirty, imagine the resort is in surrounded with white beaches and crystal clear sea water, it would be perfect! Please bear with my laziness, I've only edited a few pictures in this post the rests are all straight out from camera. Enjoy.