Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm a cheapskate..

I'm a cheapskate, I bought myself a 35mm F1.7 CCTV lens from Clubsnap at around RM200. Well, you dun get Auto Focus in this lens, no auto aperture control in this lens as well, so basically you have to look at the camera screen and turn the focus ring and aperture ring to make your photo sharp and in correct exposure. 

When I first got a hold of this lens, though this lens is small but it is heavy, I think due to its glass lens instead of plastic lens and the full metal lens body. The focus ring and aperture ring is smooth, I have no complains on it. I have to confess that I never been using manual focus lens before, I had some problem when I first started using this lens, it takes me about a minute to get my exposure and my focus sharp in order to snap one picture, but I know practice makes perfect, and now I've get used to the lens, I do not take such long time to capture a picture. teehee. Alright, below are the test out pictures of the lens. I'm still lazy to edit picture :P.

The Fountain from Pavilion

Lucky is the dog's name. 
(This is the only picture that is in focus after 20++ snaps, manual focus for moving object is a headache)




Bokeh is roundy

Nasi lemak


Kaya Butter Toast


Millie Crepe

Nice portrait lens

Fried Oyster


Couple (Shirt)

You can find vignetting at wide open but just stop down the aperture a lil then it would not be too obvious. This lens was made for a smaller sensor it only sharp in the center when the aperture is wide open but I have no problem with that and it actually gives miniaturize effect which I like. Ever since I acquire this lens, it is always mount on my NEX, I've neglected my 16mm, poor 16mm. :D

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  1. TV lens was worthless for a long time, until micro four thirds was introduced. It started to resurfaced, and slowly the price went up.
    Manual focusing is a good practise. It may not be flexible for serious (paid jobs) shootings, but for casual use, it can offer you lots of benefits and gains. Photographers these days rely too much on AF.
    When AF was first introduced in film camera, it was a MIRACLE !! Today, it is a forgotten item.
    It is good to go back to basics.
    Yes, I do love your photos from this entry. Damned that Oh-chien makes me damned hungry now.